What is AP Statistics?

Anyone who reads the newspaper, watches television, or listens to radio can’t help but hear a variety of uses and misuses of statistics. It is important to get a basic understanding of statistical ideas in order to judge the validity of daily advertisements, athletic phenomena, medical risks, and claims based on polls or surveys. AP Statistics is offered to high school students who wish to complete studies that are equivalent to a semester long introductory statistics college course. Our class is open to Sprague students who have completed two years of algebra and/or with teacher recommendations. The material may begin at an intuitive level, but we also cover some very complex topics.

We will be analyzing and interpreting real data so that students can appreciate the true uses of statistics. The extended periods in Sprague’s block schedule will benefit our class by allowing time for many hands-on activities that will bring statistics alive for everyone. All students must be willing to dedicate at least three hours a week outside of class time for reading and studying.

What topics does AP Statistics cover?

This course covers a number of topics as outlined by the College Board.
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